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Joining In! WPB


“No matter where you’re from, everyone’s local!”


“I had no idea there was so much going on”



The Park Barn & Westborough Community Association

We are a voice for your community!

We promote community involvement and keep residents informed of local news and events. We support the groups and organisations that meet in the local area and also our local schools and churches. We host an annual community fun day and support other events that take place.

Our ethos is ‘VISIBLE’:

A Voice to represent issues of local concern.

An Independent and politically neutral organisation.

A Service provider for local people.

An Initiator of projects to meet locally identified needs.

A Builder of partnerships with other local organisations and groups.

A strong Local network of people and organisations.

A way to Engage local people to become active in their communities.

We are looking for people who would like to be a representative for their local street to help our on-going work.


Usually bi-monthly on the second Tuesday evening

We always meet locally in Park Barn and Westborough

Wayne McShane on 01483 837736

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