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Joining In! Stoke


“Our focus is on creating a cohesive community network, whereby we can support groups and residents to assist each other in making Stoke a great place to live. “



GAF (Guildford Action for Families)

Guildford Action for Families supports isolated families with all issues involving the bringing up of children.

We aim to maximise the potential of every child and family we come into contact with.

The GAF Team works with families in their own homes through outreach. Drop-in sessions within the families’ own communities are used to increase confidence and self-esteem for more motivated families. Our outreach family support team works alongside families to assist them in overcoming challenges, with a variety of family issues.

There is no cost.


Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Within family home or via community sessions

01483 560003

Latest News

Important changes to the Joining In! project

Important changes to the Joining In! project

Changes are about to take place to the successful Joining In! project, managed by Voluntary Action South West Surrey, that has been supporting community involvement for the past six years. From the beginning of April, Joining In! co-ordinator David Rose will be...
Click Here For Westborough Walks!

Click Here For Westborough Walks!

Here are three free self-guided walks leaflets produced by Joining In!, so you can get out and about in the Westborough and Park Barn area to discover places you may not have visited before and learn about the rich heritage and history of the area. The walks vary from...