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Joining In! Ash

“I feel we are very fortunate living in Ash as there are many opportunities for people to get involved, make friends, learn new skills and be a part of the community we live in.

I hope you find something that interests you.”

Pauline Baxter, a local Ash volunteer

Ash Vale Health Centre – ‘virtual’ patient reference group

In February 2012 we established a ‘virtual’ patient reference group (vPRG) in order to engage further with patients and in particular to gain valuable feedback about the services the surgery provides and to work with a group of patients to see how and where services might be improved.

We currently have around 100 patients who have consented to being contacted by email (…hence the term ‘virtual’ ) and take part in the occasional on-line survey. All communication is either via a blind copy ‘BCC’ email with results and progress reports posted on the website. If you would like to ‘have your say’ and get involved, we would love to hear from you.

Ash Vale Health Centre, Wharf Road, Ash Vale GU12 5BA

01252 317551

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