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Joining In! Ash

“I feel we are very fortunate living in Ash as there are many opportunities for people to get involved, make friends, learn new skills and be a part of the community we live in.

I hope you find something that interests you.”

Pauline Baxter, a local Ash volunteer

Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly is the only national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people.

Our tea parties are a real lifeline of friendship for our older members who have little or no contact with any family or friends.

They bring people of all ages together, develop fulfilling friendships and support networks, and give everyone involved something to look forward to each month.

Should you know an older person who would benefit from these outing or should you wish to volunteer to be a hostess or driver then please call.


At weekends, when most community services for older people are not available.  Moreover, Sunday has been highlighted to us by our members as being a particularly lonely day of the week.

Tea parties are kept purposely small, and they meet in the welcoming environment of someone’s home.

Contact Pauline Baxter on 01252 404122.

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