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Here are three free self-guided walks leaflets produced by Joining In!, so you can get out and about in the Westborough and Park Barn area to discover places you may not have visited before and learn about the rich heritage and history of the area.

The walks vary from one to three miles in length and the leaflets not only have lots of details about things to see and fascinating facts while you are out walking, but they contain a map of the walk and instructions on where to go, so no one should get lost.

Simply click on the leaflet(s) you wish to view (please note: there are two sides to each one) and then you can print them out or save to your own computer.

Download (PDF, 170KB)

Download (PDF, 73KB)

Download (PDF, 171KB)

Download (PDF, 155KB)

Download (PDF, 280KB)

Download (PDF, 107KB)

They are also available as printed leaflets locally including the Park Barn Social Centre off Park Barn Drive, or by calling David Rose on 07825 419408, or sending an email to